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I am sad to say, our good friend, Ralph Ring passed on Friday 4 FEB 22 at 12:35 am.

His beautiful Marsha was able to be at his hospital bedside for 6 hours before his passing.

Ralph Ring was born in Manila, the Philippines, in 1934.

Ralph was an inventor and a really bright guy, here on this earth to help mankind ascend.

As a demonstration, his own words, he helped Otis Carr build a flying saucer

in the 1950s that could instantly teleport anywhere in the universe.

And Ralph flew this vehicle successfully also.

It was confiscated by the US Army at gunpoint

and is now stored at an AF base in full secrecy.

It is useless to the military as it wont allow weapons to be mounted

and requires a high consciousness to fly it, something noticeably missing in our government.

I wanted to keep this as short as possible. His friends know his stories are all true, to the best of his memory.

I appeal to all light workers to contribute a dollar or what they can to keep his legacy alive on this his website.

So his work can continue and humans can have hope that the ETs really are doing what they can to help us.

Where is Ralph now? Helping us from the other side.

I conclude with his statement on that matter.

"The rolling snowballing of ascension is inner, not outside.

When I’ve completed my mission here,

I’ll remember where I parked my spaceship and take Marsha and go find another project.

Earth 101 is kind of all consuming."

In loving memory of my dear friend Ralph Ring,

Duane Barker, rocket scientist, EE, Apollo engineer.

* Thank you to those who participated in the successful fund raiser as this website continues its web presence.


Ralph Ring was one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who

worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikola Tesla.

Ralph had made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own

experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

See our

Otis Carr
YouTube Channel for more information

I am 86 this year
Happy Birthday Ralph
September 2020

Hello All (2019),
We have landed in our forever home in Arizona.

We are still tidying up loose ends from the surgeries

and the Paradise fire that of course was a total loss for us.

We are happy, healthy, settling into our lives,

once again feeling at home and are rapidly making new friends.

We thank each one of you for your support of all kinds,

in helping us to recover and to move forward in our new life.

Thank you!

~ Ralph & Marsha

*Please remember that Ralph Ring has served his country in the U.S. Army.

Veterans Day falls on 11 November (11/11) each year

~Thank You, Webmaster Aaron

October 2018

I am currently (Oct 2018) resting at home from successful quadruple bypass surgery.

My conditioned Volkswagon Wankel engine has been replaced by a NASCAR banned,

street-legal HEMI426 and advanced performance valve train.

My doctors are happy with my progress and I am feeling stronger each day.

Thank you,

~Ralph Ring


We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

Ralph Ring & Marsha Brown

Who is Ralph Ring?

Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr.  Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team.

Carr, with his team, developed an anti-gravitic spacecraft based upon direct tutoring he received from Nikola Tesla.

Carr's Dimensions of Mystery poetry .pdf holds the answers.

Otis Carr's OTC-X1
Otis Carr’s OTC-X1


Carr learned many secrets from Tesla, and much has been lost to time, but there are those here now, through this website who are re-discovering the secrets from Carr’s own mysterious writings, and his patented drawings.

Carr was ultimately shut down by the US government, who asserted that Carr was attempting to overthrow the monetary system. “Cease and desist your operations… We’re terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system.”

Video Interview – Project Camelot


Ralph’s research assistant and best friend, Marsha Brown.
Ralph’s research assistant and best friend, Marsha Brown.
Walter M. Nowosad, Jr. with Ralph Ring.

From out of the past comes the re-birthing of our true heritage:
Free and Abundant Energy forever, for All Mankind.

  • webmaster

    We have a new self-hosted forums area!

    Anyone interested in working together and/or with Ralph Ring will be able to participate using the same login as for his website blog!

    • http://www.giveitnothought.com Richared Grant

      Am interested in anybody who has studied Walter Russll

      • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

        G’day Richard,

        I have studied Walter Russel, but not to the point where I can say that I fully know what he is talking about. Have you read “Living Energies”?

        What is your experience with Walter Russel’s works?


      • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster


        Here’s an interesting website with a collection of information on Walter Russell’s work:

        Jason Virbelli put this together. I can put you in contact with Jason if you are interested.


      • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

        Here’s a collection of books that Jason put up on the net to share around. Walter Russell’s books are of great interest:


      • http://www.alexpetty.com Alex Petty

        My work into energy led me to Russell and I have studied both Russell and Tesla deeply. You can see some evidence of my research at energy.alexpetty.com/

      • Charles

        I have read and reread most of Walter Russell’s books. I continually find researchers rediscovering his presentation of cosmology. His works connected so many pieces of the puzzle. I understand that Tesla said he was a thousand years ahead of his time , It takes one to know one ;-0

    • Danielle Zana

      Hello I am intrested , however I do not have materials and things to create my own flying saucer or even a generator. Much Love and huggles, Namaste

    • Monica L.

      I believe Ralph introduced us via Skype about a year ago. I am his future granddaughter-in law. and My fiance’ Zakis his grandson. Do you know if Ralph is back in California? Or is he still traveling? We are trying to to get reach him to give him wedding info. Also more importantly find out where we can get untron kits and give them to our friends that are also interested in Ralph’s work. Do you know any 3d printer places in California? There is a couple things Zak has in the works, but we don’t know where to get supplies yet.
      Thank you for your time and awesomeness!
      Monica L.

    • brandon

      i would like to join your team. i am spiritual, i am tormented and i always have my eyes shut. i was good at one time and still have good intentions. i need something to open my eyes so i can see. i know their are a lot of bad people and am not one and will use this for the few good people.

    • giorgio Armani

      I Believe many of you are working together with out solid results, What Iv come to understand is that, if enough energy can be created and then multiplied, antigravity can then be manipulated and speed of light and possibly warpspeed can be achieved.

  • https://bluestarenterprises.com bengt

    Is tere a way to reach Ralph? Met him at Tesla Tech in Provo several years ago and then his personal life shifted, no way to reach him…

  • http://www.giveitnothought.com Richared Grant

    Is there a way to reach Ralph Ring? Regards Richard

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com RALPH RING

      Although quite busy most all of the time, Ralph invites all who have a common intrest to contact him via E-Mail (ralph at bluestarenterprise dot com) or Phone (H)Prescott,AZ. = 928-458-5932 Paradise, CA.

      • nickgat

        How’s the pod? U see it won’t work if all Utrons lined up. There’s supposed to be alternative strategy there to give pull and push alternatively. Ok, I wished I’m there. I live here near boundary of San Francisco. Is the pod’s location in P,Calif or Pres,Arizona? This will be my first time to travel to P,Calif if it’s there which is 3 1/2 hours. Is the “Activity” tab working? It seems like it can’t send/reply messages.

      • eric van rijsbergen
        • eric van rijsbergen

          did anyone see the presentation of KLAUS DONNA,,,aspecially the 12 cups and 1 big cup,,it,s 1000 den years old probebly MAYAN,,ANYWAY , they made of clay,,but they are magnetic,,when you fill all 12 cups with water,,then empty them in the big cup,,the big cup is exacly full ..i think it,s a engine,,

          • eric van rijsbergen

            also This working ufo free energie ufo boosterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUHxuqoUOas&feature=player_embedded

  • Andrew James Burnage

    I found your video very interesting and want to learn more,Would it be possible for you to send me information on how to change my resonance in myself.I hope to here from you soon.

    • Andrew James Burnage

      Thank you for your reply,i will give that a go.I am still very new to this way of thinking,I have done some meditation many years ago and found it to work very well,but now i am a lot older and the brain does not work as well as it used to.Could you tell me what E.L.F stands fore.Thank you again for your reply.

  • kingdom7777

    Hello Mark and everyone else evolved enough to have found this site. I know i may sound full of myself and i truly am. I AM an avatar jedi of sorts and have many similar thoughts, ideas, and projects that will help with navigating these devices. I have died 5 times and have traveled “miraculously” numerous times. I was given insights and healing energies that all work on the same magnetic frequencies that Ralph and You have shared with everyone. The energy that animates this avatar came through a “Christ” awareness but is not limited to any religion or cult. It works with LOVE. I can teach anyone how to navigate the “Spirit”? Looking forward to meeting You in person soon.

    • farwheel1

      Kingdom7777, I would like your help, I have died 3 times, crying out to the Christ, please help me to understand some other things, was a mark left on your body from the fire? And what was the mark? Hope to hear from you soon.

      • kingdom7777

        I am sorry for the slow response. I have not been able to spend much time with this site. farwheel1, I minister to a lot of Christians that have not found their own Christ with in them selves. I will check 4 you at least weekly if I can Help. I want YOU to know that Jesus is Alive and doing “VERY WELL” inside of Yourself. Spend time reconnecting with Your own inner voice, that voice that every one took away from You at birth. Things like do not talk to Your angels because they can not connect with their own Christ any more.

        • farwheel1

          Hi kingdom7777, thanks for responding! I should have said I was reborn three times. lol I’m not a religious person but I sure recongnized this experience as the Christ. So Powerful, kinda freaked me out, but I know I am better than ok now. When you say navigate Spirit, are you talking about out of body experiences or plasma (u.f.o.) energy? Or is it Unified Field Observer? Hope I don’t sound like a nut. lol

          • kingdom7777

            It is very similar to “out of body” but it can happen with this same source of ENERGY that holds the planet in place, and shine through YOU and in Your everyday life. Concentrate Your thoughts & focus. Let go of any bitterness or anger (at least for a moment at first) and practice renewing Your thoughts from (evil) flip it (LIVE). Learn how to “Navigate” Your renewed thoughts & focus longer each time. For some it takes more practice than it does for others. It took me over 40 years of minimal focus as a Christ Avatar to become a blended being that can Come and Go from the Heart of GOD. Practice to hang in the Kingdom everyday, for the next 21 days look “Yourself” in the mirror and tell the (me,self, & I of your own being) that you LOVE them. Renew the me,myself & I to become
            Christ like and they (the good guys)will help You Become Your own individual- personal Christ with Your flavor, of Loving Kindness. Share your gifts with the World
            or just do (ARK) acts of random Kindness & the flow will rise up inside of Yourself, from Your inner most Being.

            This apply s for any person that has breath. Animation from The Spirit-Navigating- Soul that leads and teaches us
            how to fulfill our own life’s purpose by doing what Jesus & all the other greats in history Proclaimed in one way or another. Bottom Line: LOVE GOD, LOVE Yourself, LOVE any thing that has breath. Practice Practice Practice.

            I will start teaching all i have found that has helped me and tie the site to many resources that will help every individual that asks, seeks or desires The Agape LOVE that the BIBLE (believers, instruction, booklet, LOVE, Everyone) and many other teachers that are still Alive & Well on planet Earth. Check for (kingdomofgodslove.com)or (lambsbookoflife.org)or
            If You can help with legal,design, setup or financially i would love Your input. I think we can receive an e-mail at one of these sites. OUR site is very immature as of this post, and welcome You to share Your gifts with the World.

            My Purpose & That of My close partners is to rid the whole planet of the spirit of poverty. I AM starting with raising the minimal standard of living, & provide housing and resources so that we do not see OUR loved ones on the corner, suffering from bitter & resentful thought patterns. Anytyme we help or serve some one else we help ourselves experience the LOVE of GOD. Thank You

    • Austin Tate

      Have You been to that place of a different color with all of the undescribably Happy People that one gave the information but You were not allowed to bring 99.9% of it back here?

  • Cameron


    My partner Symmone and I have recently come across Ralphs work and heard there may be a working group already in Australia. We both live in Byron Bay and are very keen to connect. We both have a range of skills that could be useful should the situation require it.

    Perhaps if I could be put in touch with someone to see what emerges.

    Kind regards,


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      It was a pleasure to meet the two of you the other day Cameron and Symmone. We’ll see if anyone else comes out of the woodworks from the area!


      Mark in Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

  • George Borovec


    Thanks Mark. Loving the site. Will hang out as much as time permits.


  • http://www.abovetopsecret.com Maxmars

    Thank you soooo much for joining us on ATS LIVE!

    We had a wonderful time, and hope someday you will visit again.

    I would like to offer you my good will and support.


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Thanks to you and Johnny that was really a great interview. I wasn’t available for the live interview, but listening to the podcast now. You guys really were gracious interviewers.

      (See: https://bluestarenterprise.com/audios/johnny-anonymous-interviews-ralph-ring-on-ats-23april2011/)

      Please, feel welcome any time. Let me know if you have any other interviews at ATS that you think would be valued by those attracted to Ralph Ring’s work here.



  • johnnyanonymous

    Like Maxmars said, it was a real pleasure to ‘re-interview’ Ralph for our radio program “AboveTopSecret Live”. Our listeners just loved it. As soon as I get a copy from the producers, I’ll be sure to make it available for all that wish to hear it.

    Blessings and Positive Light,
    Johnny Anonymous
    Co-Host ATS Live

  • Randall Williams

    Mr. Ring I am also working on the same issues as you are and I am working with someone you know Mike Tehan. We have been working together to try and raise funding for a proto-type. Mike has told me many wonderful things about you and one day I hope to meet you in person. My company can be googled on the web. RCW Environmental Innovations LLC. Again I appreciate all of what you are trying to do to help mankind.

  • mistermassive1

    This is just great! I had no idea this website existed but then again there are so many places these days and often we are found at the above top secret site. My best wishes to all who contribute to this site and I plan to visit often!

  • http://www.OrderOfMelchizedek.com Julian

    With this kind of technology there would be a need for a resource based economy.

  • http://wuweicafe.blogspot.com Adam Lane

    What I’ve read here is beautiful and a great relief as well. I’ve started a fairly new blog and podcast that I think many here will find interesting.


    I have just listened to Ralph Ring’s Red Ice Creations interview and found it to be very much in line with what I’ve been writing about. I feel I’ll be learning a lot from this website. Thank you all for what you are doing here. I look forward to participating in new self-hosted forums area.

    Thanks again,

  • Rudy

    I tried to create an account, but nothing happened. I tried a couple of times. I would like to create an account and I would like to know if there is a group that exists in Arizona (hopefully around Phoenix). I just recently heard Ralph’s interview on Red Ice Radio and thought it was fantastic. He said that there are groups being set up.

    Also, is there a way to send a message or question to Ralph himself?

    Thanks for any help regarding this.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      I will create an account for you Rudy. I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you, but I’ll set it up when I get to a computer.


      • ParadigmShifting


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Post all questions here:


      Walter Nowosad will be doing a video interview of Ralph very soon to answer all incoming questions for everyone’s benefit.


  • Rudy

    I tried to register a couple of times, but can’t seem to do so. Also, is there a way to get in touch with Ralph or ask him questions? I’m interested in what he called “Pods” in his interview on Red Ice Radio recently. I’m interested in being part of one of these “Pods”.

    I left a comment before, but it no longer shows up here, so I’m posting again.

  • Delorus

    Ralph and Marsha,
    thank you so much for doing the interview on Red ice- you were so interesting and I am very glad to learn about you and your work. Henrik is my favorite interviewer and I really think he brings the best questions and I appreciated how much of your knowledge you shared with us all in that interview. I will check out your site.

    I totally agree that love and natural law are the ways that will bring us to what we are meant to be.

    Sincerely, Delorus

  • Francis Lussier


    I would like to know how I could get in touch with Ralph Ring through email, phone, Skype to have a talk with him about a project.

    Thank you.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster


      Please email webmaster@bluestarenterprise.com and I will get it to him.

      Let me know by email if you want to contact me by Skype.


  • rosebluepaint

    I wonder if someone is able to shed some light upon these questions of mine…

    Is Ralph aware of Rudolf Steiner’s work? How do their respective ideas and concepts of ‘ether’ relate? Are they describing the same thing?

    I understand the ether as a levitant, a counterpole to gravitational, point-centered and material forces. Is this the same thing as the ether Ralph is speaking of?

    What is the relationship between the technology Ralph developed with O.T. Carr and the ‘moral technology’ which R.S. predicted?

    And what relationship is there between both or either of these ethers’ and Wilhelm Reich’s ‘orgonne’ ?


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello Jonathan,

      I have been studying Rudolf Steiner’s works for many years, am a trained Waldorf/Steiner teacher and am actively studying Anthroposophical works. Your question was one of my first questions of Ralph when I first met him. Yes, both he and Marsha are aware of Rudolf Steiner’s writings, but they have not studied them in depth. I will be happy to go into more detail about my understandings of their concept of ‘ether’ in comparison to Steiner’s. I, too, am interested in this subject. I think that it may be the same thing being described, but this warrants investigation.

      I personally feel that those coming around Ralph Ring at this time are working in a direction that I understand to be the ‘moral technology’ that R.S. predicted. This is partly why I am personally very excited about the people I am coming into contact with around Ralph.

      I would enjoy getting to know you and introducing you to some people if you are interested. Send me a message with your skype and/or phone contact if you want to meet by voice.


      • michael777

        I have briefly studied some of Rudolf Steiner’s work reguarding bio-dynamic farming- I am not familiar with all his work. It sounds interesting….

  • itisone

    It was so great to hear you both on Red Ice, thank you!!!

  • kerribodie

    okay – I’ve listened and watched every interview on here. Wonderful stuff! The only one I couldn’t get to work was on “WashYourBrain” – I can only find one interview on that site and it’s not Mr. Ring’s. Anyone know where I can here that interview?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hi Kerri!

      I should have made it clearer on there, but was being lazy!!

      Beth told me that it is nearly ready to post. I’m expecting the interview to go live any time now. I do not have a copy of the unedited interview either, and it will be on the page you saw when live.

      I want to speak with you soon. Please call me on Skype if you see me on. I’d love to meet you and your father.



      [25 May 2011 Update: The interview at WashYourBrain.org is now live.]

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      By the way, Beth told me that the interview really went well. I expect that it will be worth listening to for sure.


  • veguillar

    Hi this question is for anyone who will be able to provide some answers. I recently joined this site and it is great to see a collection of people being a part of websites like these, people like myself that always searching for the truth. Some questions that I have pertains to the levitation ships that Ralph Ring was able to work on such as… How can one get involved in these types of projects? and are there any current workshops now that are related into using meditation as the tool to being able to pilot these ships?

    I have also read up on other information such as a copper pyramid with a accelerator device at the top which is able to send you to a meditative state a lot quicker and faster. I believe it is a part of lost technology that is slowly being reproduced today by people that are trying everything in their might to get these devices up and running. I was wondering if any one knew anything about this type of information and could help me into understanding how they function, what tools are needed, and who to get in touch with so that more and more people that are doing these things for the betterment of mankind can come together. I may not be scientifically literate but I am just looking for answers just like everyone else.

    • videogearhead

      Welcome to the group; and, thank you for submitting your questions. I’ll answer them here. Mark, if you’re reading this, feel free to thrown in a comment or two. This is your blog after all. :-)

      Mark is the webmaster of this site. I call him the hub. If you want to get involved, he’s the guy to talk to first; but, before you do, consider how you want to get involved. If you want, you can check out my website, which has a FAQ page, where I answer the question about what folks can do to help.


      OK, this is perhaps the third time I’ve heard this question, not that there’s anything wrong with that…(nod to the Seinfeld show).

      The short answer to that question is ‘no’. However, if you explore this website, you will find links to recorded interviews with Ralph Ring; books written by Viktor Schauberger, Otis T. Carr, and others – all these people laid the foundation for the principle being applied to craft design/construction today. As the video guy for this site (and mine) I post occasional updates, which report on the progress of the Pod meetings, design and construction of the craft, and of the production of my Docudrama ‘Clandestine Disclosure – the Ralph Ring Story Continues’. In the next day or two, I shall be posting another video update. I’ll tell you now, the Pod discussed some interesting design aspects of the craft and will start building one part of the craft – a UTRON – for test purposes. Regarding meditation as a tool to navigate the craft, Ralph relayed to me over the phone how he and the two other ‘test pilots’ were prepped by Otis T. Carr. In a nutshell, they were briefed by Carr for about 30minutes; they cleared their minds and focused on the color. In my interview with Ralph this week, I shall ask him to relay that experience on video. Bottom line, there is a wealth of information here for you to peruse and learn without attending a workshop. You already have the tools you need.

      “The biggest baddest UFO you’ll ever see is you.”
      – James Gilliland, ECETI

      Regarding pyramid power, the Pod has not specifically addressed the use of the pyramid; however, Sacred Geometry and natural law is heavily involved in the craft’s design, materials, and construction.

      You don’t need to be scientifically literate.

      If you have any questions for Ralph, please post them here.



  • Von Ring

    I love all the comments that are shared on
    this web site. Ralph reminds me of my uncle who has since past on. I think we are all natural scientist like Ralph and this web site lets everyone share their ideas with each other. I was wondering if there are any pods that are in the state of Colorado? And I heard in one of the many interviews ( I think it was Red Ice Radio ) that he was giving away those little crafts. Is that still going on? Thank you for waking me and other interested scientist up !
    Thank you,
    Von Ring

    • videogearhead

      Regarding the “free saucer give-away”, I reckon there are a number of sarcastic remarks that I could toss your way. Bear with me dude while I deliver the following aforementioned sarcastic remarks. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. I’m harmless. LOL.

      1) In fact, Cal Worthington and Ralph Ring have penned a deal; so, if you need a brand new saucer, go see Cal. He’ll eat his hat whilst riding a tiger if he can’t get you one.
      2) Just teleport to the Grand Canyon; and Ralph will be there personally to deliver your craft.

      All joking set aside, I’m here talking to Ralph and Marsha; and, we are all having a very good laugh about this. Ralph has been asked enumerable times, “Where’s your flying saucer?”

      Regarding the give away of little crafts, Ralph says, “I never said that.” Regardless, we’re glad your here.

      Regarding Colorado pods, I’ve just asked Ralph. He tells me what’s there is on-hold, for now; however, if you want to help — these are just suggestions:

      1) If you’re mechanically inclined and want to build/design, contact Mark and inquire about the design group.
      2) Start promoting this site and mine: http://ClandestineDisclosure.com. Raise awareness that we are on the cusp of something big.
      3) If it’s in your heart to donate – mark, the designers and other members of the pod are working 24×7 on this. Consider clicking that donate button. Every little bit helps.
      4) Hold a warm place in your heart and positive energies for the work we’re doing.

      I just spoke with the Australia pod this morning – the ball is rolling. Parts fabrication should start this week; so, stay tuned.

      Generally speaking, in the last two days, I’ve watched as activities have revved up – big-time!

      Peace, brother,


      • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

        I took the liberty of editing point 4 Walter. You may not have noticed that you can edit comments. -cheers, mark

  • michael

    I’ve come across an interesting video on YouTube about a process called Thermal De-Polymerization in which any carbon based material can be converted to usable energy. An American entrepreneur, Brian Appel, CEO of Changing World Technologies, has commercialized TDP technology and developed a multi-step natural process that can covert trash, including waste water treatment plant sludge, into fuel oil and combustible gas. Also, a by-product of the process is activated carbon. Although it’s not free energy related, it’s a step in the right direction in reducing unnecessary waste, especial in an era where man is depleting the earth of valuable natural resources and simultaneously polluting the atmosphere.

    Here’s the link:


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Thank you for sharing this Michael. If you want to learn more about this technology, which has very positive applications in our current world, see:




      and Changing World Technologies website:


      There’s a guy here in Australia who developed a process of processing used tires (‘tyres’ for part of the world) that turns them into 16 different useable raw materials! I haven’t looked at his work for a couple of years, but he was making very big progress at that time.

      Again, thank you for sharing this with us here.


  • Kirsten Merrild

    Hi – I am a Dane and I wonder if there is building up a “live together place” around you I would love to be part of it. I am not a scientist, but I have experiences of remembering who I am and what I`m here fore, and when I listen to your lectures I do want to pack a suitcase and travel across to you as soon as possible:)

  • Kirsten Merrild

    When I have found a foto by browsing and clik “upload” nothing happens but that the foto is not anywhere to se. Am I doing anything wrong?

  • Kirsten Merrild

    Is 94,7 KB to much for at profile foto?

  • ginaicu2

    I do not see anywhere to accept a friends invite.

    It was not an option in the email I received.

    Need assistance pls.

    Thanks, Gina

  • ginaicu2

    I am interested in any endeavor Ralph chooses.
    I would LOVE to work with a group of this making!!
    I am no scientist, just a Reiki practicioner, living out of the box.
    I’m in Florida, would love to get together with like minds or get together and do a project….

  • ginaicu2

    Kirsten, I accept invite, just don’t know how to do it :)))

    Thank you!!

  • videogearhead

    I’ve been editing the interview that Ralph and Marsha had with James Gilliland on his July 13, 2011 “Contact Has Begun” show. Rough cut, Audio and color correction is complete. There’s still much to do along the lines of graphics and encoding; but, it’s looking good so far. I look forward to posting it sometime next week.

  • http://firegel.com Thor Anderson


    How can one get involved in these types of projects?

    I am a Graphic Designer on a QuadCore PowerMac and can produce anything.

    Please contact me so we can talk about how I may be of assistance from my home in Northeast Georgia.

    Peace Love Light

    Thor Anderson

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello. I’ll PM you.


    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      I sent you an email.


  • videogearhead

    James Gilliland and Ralph Ring – Contact Has Begun July 13, 2011

    James, Ralph and Marsha discuss the craft and how consciousness is important in its operation.

  • quantumjumper277

    Hi, thanks for replying. Well, Otis Carr and his team got that far. The very fact a 45 foot wide prototype was built was a true milestone. It seems that Blue Star Enterprises needs funding, and they need a workshop with experts. It is one thing to fly craft in the Earth atmosphere, it is quite another thing to fly through space. Then you would need to pressure test the welds, seams and connections across the length and entirety of the craft. The best outcome would be to place a group of flying saucers across a certain area of the Moon, Mars (etc) then use connecting tunnels between them and remove the propulsion systems from them as they are relegated to a base. I am very interested in going to Titan. The construction costs would go down due to the fact the atmoshperic pressure is 1.5 times that of the inside. Except for the cold, Titan is the most hospitable place in the solar system. Successor models beyond OTC-X1 could cover vast diatances of interplanetary space.
    This is unjust, NASA retired the space shuttle and they ahve the ability to build colonies on other worlds while Blue Star Enterprises have the capability to achieve space flight.
    To replicate and expand on Otis Carr’s achievements you would need an intermediately sized workshop, two dozen dedicated workers, around one million dollars and some place very safe and quiet, maybe even not in the United States.

  • quantumjumper277

    Hi. I am aware the spectrum of light is the basis of the frequency range for levitation craft. Beyond the speed of light there is another dimension of pure energy and no time, called the “Aether”. Flying through the Aether would create a Quantum Flux – breaking the symmetry of space and time. I do not believe these craft can teleport, I believe they seem to be attracted to the same frequency as the craft emits. Beyond the frequency Otis Carr used which was 610 Terra herts for Aquamarine. There is the frequency of x-rays, resonation at this high frequency would cause the craft to disappear and instantly become drawn to another source of x-rays. My question is, how would one control the craft’s direction if it is directly attracted by outside frequencies?

  • quantumjumper277

    I am loving the site. I go on it every day. I just wonder why didn’t Otis Carr, Ralph Ring and the group ever try to go into into space in the OTC-X1?

  • quantumjumper277

    How much money would it cost to build a replica of OTC-X1?

    • videogearhead

      Honestly, I don’t know; but for giggles and laughs, how’s this for a fun answer:

      It depends on which model. Did you want it with fabric or metal seats?

      Obviously, I’m kidding; but, I honestly don’t know. Consider the size of one that works out to be the size of an SUV. How much material – aluminum, steal, wires, etc – would go into it? Who would fashion all the parts? It would be a highly custom job, wouldn’t it? So, unless you own a machine shop and have the specialized skill to make all the parts AND to build it, you can imagine a wide range of prices, right?

      Now, a large manufacturer can tool-up their factory to build such a craft; and, the cost per unit could be drastically less than if you built one yourself.

  • Maia Gabrial

    Whatever happened to the engineers that worked with you and Otis back when? I wonder if they’re inventing on their own….?
    You mentioned a black box for the home on your recent youtube interview. I wonder if that’s actually a reality? Because if it is, I’d want one. If I could afford one, that it….And I’d pass the word among friends and family….
    Your belief coincides with my own regarding getting technologies out there so that it can’t be stopped by the powers that be….
    I’m so glad you have the courage to get the word out there, in spite of the threat to you.
    Bless you, Ralph.

    • videogearhead


      Regarding the engineers that worked with Otis back in the day, I believe Ralph mentioned most – if not all – have passed on; but, there are others still around “waiting in the wings”.

      The Black Box is not yet a reality. It’s one little item in the process of being built…just waiting on certain parts. The UTRON is at the heart of its design.

  • Joseph Hiddink

    I doubt that he had it ever flying. I invented Gravity Control in 1967. The date was April 20.
    Hitler had been predicted that it would be discovered on his birthday.
    He was even told that it would come from a small town in Holland, called DeGraaff.
    After Holland was invaded in 1940, that little town was overrun by German “tourists” who talked to everybody. Not to me, I was only 8 years old and lived in another town.
    (I had told on my sixth Birthday Party in my Grandparent’s house in DeGraaff, which was attended by all uncles and aunts (all Teachers and Principals), that I was going to invent Gravity Control when I was BIG!
    After I got got the Patent, I offered it in 1980 to Nasa, so that it could be used on the Shuttles, that would not need rockets anymore.
    They would have reached the ISS in one hour and the Moon in a couple of hours, using a constant acceleration of ONE G per second.
    The Propulsion Engineers were against it, it would make the Rocket Industry obsolete.
    When an Astronaut was kicked out, he was later appointed head of Nasa. He took his little revenge and killed Nasa.
    A dangerous thing. The Germans were going to fly to the Moon to install a big Mirror, that would catch the sun rays and beam it at any place that would dare to revolt. Germany lost the war (by only one month!). Russia took that idea over. Remember Kruschev bragging, that they did not have to invade the USA becaused it would fall in their hands like a ripe apple!
    “you all will be buried!” . Kennedy found out what the plan was and started Nasa .
    After the USA landed on the Moon the Russians gave up.
    Mr. Worden made a trip to China and got their word that they would not do something like that.
    “Sure” the Chinese said.
    They meant “Sure enough, when we can, we will!”
    The US is in grave danger with the Shuttles in Museums.
    If you in ther future would be deep-fried, you know who to thank for it.

    I will build at some time a real spacecraft but Nasa cannot be trusted with the technology anymore.
    Look at > One Terminal Capacitor Joseph…< Be careful experimenting. The dummies in Cleveland built it and did not contact me for advice,like I had urged when they got a copy of my patent, the device acted like an E-Bomb and caused the Big Black-out of 2003.

    • videogearhead


      Thank you for your comments. Are you considering assisting us in some way?

  • Savvy

    It is my understanding that whwn Viktor Schauberger worked for the Americans after the war, he failed to produce a working levitating craft.
    Now wether OTC or Ralph Rigs Crafts actually fly, I wouldn’t know unless I see them physically.
    How can I see one. Anyone?
    Having discovered and acheived Anti Gravity, I would like to see these crafts.


    • videogearhead


      You invented it? Have you read the comment above yours from Joseph who also claims to have invented Gravity Control back in the 1960’s?

      Regarding seeing the craft, the Design Group have not released the plans, which appears to be an evolutionary process by the way (my opinion from my perspective). Yes, I’ve seen a few versions of the plans.

      Regarding how you will be able to see whether the craft will work, I will show it in the documentary that I’m shooting. Either it will or will not work. Shall see what we shall see. The designers are convinced that it has no other choice but to work.


      In this documentary, it is my intent to show, amongst other things, the results. I post periodic updates in the Flying Saucer Technologies Group regarding their progress. I release as much information as they will allow. As to seeing whether it will work, I will be there to record the tests.

  • Savvy

    Yes I invented it all right.
    Mine is not gravity control, byt genuine Anti Gravity.
    As for the post above from joseph and his alleged claims, many people have been allegedly claimimg this right from the 1930s

    • videogearhead

      Yes, I’ve read a lot — not quite enough — to know many of the anti-gravity stories going much further back than the 1930s. I wonder whether I would recognize your name. If what you claim is true, then you can imagine I have many questions. For now, I will restrict them to just two. I intend no disrespect. I am just curious.

      1) Regarding your invention – what, if anything, are you doing with it?

      2) Regarding disclosure – clearly, you’re not disclosing anything here; but you are tossing bait into an open forum. What are you hoping to catch or accomplish by informing us that you invented anti-gravity?

  • Artist

    I just watched a couple of your videos about the project. I read about Otis T. Carr some time ago and had wondered what, if anything, had become of his work. Now I know. I would like to know how to get involved and what I could possibly do?

  • Savvy

    1. The tech is being marketed to Aerospace Cos. though I wonder if Mankind is ready for it.

    2. Bait?? Thats a very comical and preposterous accusation.
    at this rate, I doubt your craft will ever fly, though
    I wish you luck

    • videogearhead


      I see below that you responded by sending a link to the Scribd page. Thank you. I’ve not looked at it yet. Before I did, I wanted to respond to both your comments in order.

      Thank you for answering my questions. You wonder whether Mankind is ready for it. I reckon time will tell.

      Bait – you like that word? If it seems comical to you…I’m just trying to keep it light here. Preposterous accusation? Not in the least when you consider the context of your post and my response. Please consider that you did come to this forum making a claim about inventing anti-gravity…a claim which was not supported in your original post. When you throw something like that into the ring, you’ve got to know that people will ‘bite’; therefore, my use of the word ‘bait’ is not preposterous in the least. It’s merely an understanding of human nature. People will want to know more. Therefore you are attracting them…enticing them…with your claim. That is — in a sense — bait.

      For what it’s worth, your doubts are shared by many. Even Ralph Ring, who’d worked on the craft himself told me he had doubts. I wonder whether it will work too…that’s one of the reasons I’m shooting a documentary. It will culminate in one of two ways. Either it works, or it won’t. Nothing wrong with that.

      I don’t have all the answers. I don’t claim to know how all this stuff works. The more people I talk to, the more perspectives I gain. I value all input, including yours. At the same time, I tend to be very direct…which doesn’t always sit well with folks. So, I’ll apologize in advance if any of my words offend. I don’t write them to be an intentional Jack Ass…it just happens naturally sometimes. :-)


  • Pierre St – Martin

    Hi videogearhead,

    Savvy seems to be obviously very frustrated and I don’t know
    for what reason(s) ?
    Perhaps it’s due to his ego or else ?

    Anyway, I would like to know if he had made patent(s) applications regarding his claiming like Joseph Hiddink did ?
    ( I found 2 patents applications (US & CA) for what Joseph Hiddink claim )
    Quite very similar to TTBrown work from the 1930s to the end of his life in the 1970s.

    Concerning the alleged marketed Aerospace Cos, this company is closely link with the majors of the military industrial complex…
    I tried to found patents related to them and could not found
    anything… and it’s not surprising !

    If Savvy could be more clear about his claims this could give him more credits by giving first his real name than it will be easy
    to find patents related to his claiming.

    M. Joseph Hiddink is more valuable at this time than

    I can send you the US patent application of M. Joseph Hiddink if he did agree.

    DeepSeeker ( My nickname )

    • videogearhead


      Howdie, howdie… Hey, regarding our new friend – Savvy – it’s all good. The written word can suck sometimes. It’s very difficult to effectively, completely, concisely communicate our thoughts, emotions, and message using the written word. I’ve seen misinterpretations happen literally hundreds, if not thousands of times. The interpretation of the written word can be 180 degrees away from the intended message and has been know to cause countless arguments and disagreements. When using written communication, we don’t have the advantage of looking the real human in the eye and seeing their expressions and feeling their ‘vibe’ while they convey their message. People tend to read between the lines…add emotion where it shouldn’t be, etc. So, I try to carefully select the words I use to make sure I can back them up if questioned about them later. If I make a mistake, I’m not to proud to apologize and clarify.

      In the meantime, I still wonder whether Savvy is interested in helping us. You have to admit, after looking at his Scribd docs with pictures, he’s got something going.

      Regarding whether humanity is ready…I have a feeling that no one person with a discovery can make that determination. Whether he releases his discover or not, I know he’s not the only person walking the planet working on anti-gravity; and, I can just about guarantee that there are a few other people who’ve discovered the same information that he has. Why? Because, that’s the way the universe works. Call it what you will…collective consciousness…downloading of information…there are no original thoughts…it’s all in the aether; and, if the aether determines the time is right, then there is no question – the time is right. No one man will make that determination. It’s happened before with other significant inventions of our time; and I believe it will happen again with antigravity. That’s why my response to his comment whether Humanity ready for it is, ‘Time will tell.’


  • Savvy

    Hi Pierre,

    Synopsis of my project is at http://www.scribd.com/savvys84

  • quantumjumper277

    Would it be cheaper to build a leviation craft out of solid state technology than Utron technology?

  • Savvy

    Hi Video,
    No offence taken.
    I can probably help out in your project with Ralph, with some technical input, if you get stuck with any technical problems.
    Soon I have to go back to work in probably a week. Will be 4 months or more overseas.

  • stan

    Ralph I am very interested in you endeavor, however I have not been able to recreate your ping pong ball experiment. If I can get that to work would be very interested in obtaining detailed drawings of you prototype craft. Thank you Stan

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hi Stan,

      These are very different things. Why does the ping pong ball exercise prove the validity of Otis Carr’s craft design?

      They aren’t so very related, but if you work with sound in the right way you’ll be able to levitate a lot more than ping pong balls. If all you are really wanting is to test whether Ralph is speaking honestly of his experiences or not you’ll likely either convince yourself he is or isn’t depending on your wishes. He isn’t the only one speaking out about these things.

      Also, more to the core: interesting approach to make someone earn the privilege of sharing something with you. Maybe take another look at what’s here for everyone to see and you’ll see some things you might not have noticed. Look closely at Carr’s drawings and patent for starters.

      I’m happy to share more with you if you’re hungry, but there’s a lot out in the open here.

      Just some things to consider.


  • stan

    Mark, Tell me your ideas on how to “work with sound right”. I am not doubting Ralph’s work, I would just like to do something like this (levitation). I am very hungry when it comes to this and/or teleportation. Thanks again for the response Mark. Stan

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hi Stan,

      I’ve seen demonstrations of levitation using sound, but that isn’t the approach we are working with.

      I was a little flippant in my reply, but do understand that Ralph gets a huge amount of email and is targeted by groups wanting to stop him from helping things move forward.

      Let’s talk on Skype, yea? I’ll pm you with my username.


  • bozwaz

    Hello all!
    I’m really enjoying the posts. I have an incredible sense of humor and just get a kick out of some of them as I’m sure many people are. I thank you all for your support and interests in this group and these technologies. Being a humanitarian in a selfish world can be difficult. If you are expecting anything in return:
    1) you’re not a true humanitarian
    2) you’re going to be let down (unless you are working with other humanitarians, we get it).

    Why am I mentioning this? If you have come across information or technologies that could drastically improve human life, and you care for any other human on this planet, is it not your obligation to step up with that and spread it as quickly as possible to all ears willing to listen? Or is your life worth more than everyone else? Not only that, why have YOU been blessed with this information? So you could make a few dollars with it OR so you could change the world?

    That comment probably raised a few brows. Any negative energy that may have arisen, completely unintentional. Security aspects: I understand you may fear for your life being as the powers that be are everywhere…and watching, BUT, are some things not bigger than life on Earth? It wouldn’t be reasonable to just start handing out pamphlets on the street corner, be smart. That’s why we have brains. Don’t sit on what you have waiting for something to come to you. A true Humanitarian is not greedy. Look past the monetary system. I can promise you millions of people have died for less.

    Apart from the above statements, I would like to say that I may not be able to contribute to the engineering part of these projects, but I have been blessed with an acutely tuned artistic ability. My specialty is pencil work to keep it
    simple, but I can draw anything. With that said, if my skills may be of use, I would be honored to work with other like-minded humanitarians.

    Thanks again everyone,

    p.s. Note I did not direct this post to any single individual.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello bozwaz,

      Let’s talk. I’d like to get you in the loop as we go.


      • stan

        Mark, Perfect. How do we do that? Can you see my email address or should I send it or phone number?…please advise. Thanx Stan

  • bozwaz

    I just got the chance to watch the Sept 9 update on Ralph’s pod! I found it very promising and would encourage everyone to take a moment and check that out if you haven’t already. I haven’t seen any posts here on the home page lately and that bothers me when we have a group of dedicated individuals working diligently on something that could completely revolutionize Earth as we know it. Apart from the movement the vehicular craft will bring, just the thought of bringing an endless power supply via free energy devices, and being able to reach parts of the world where people still live in underindustrialized circumstances (without even the most basic of plumbing). Let your brain run wild with the millions of people that would impact.
    My conclusion on that would be this:
    If we didn’t waste our lives away striving to pay for the energy we consume, what would we do with all that extra time?? I’ll tell you. Everyone has a set of talents they were born with and a set of skills that have been honed over their life span; and I think we can agree that most ppl aren’t living thier dream with their current job or occupation. Having this happen would allow the human race to explore that which was given to him, natural talent, on a level that today’s society has all but taken away from us.

    Our civilization would advance rapidly. I believe the answer to this and sooo many other problems is solved with love.

    Much love to you all and thank you for being a part of this revolution!!


    • videogearhead

      Fret not…we are here…work continues…things are happening. I’ve been traveling and need to recharge my batteries. It’ll probably sometime after September 29, 2011 before I shoot my next update. As I’ve mentioned before, there may be a span of time between updates. I post updates usually when there’s something to report. Well, I have a few things to report; but, considering the timing of my travels and scheduling of a certain meeting this week, I’ve held off shooting until after the meeting.